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School life is the beginning of a career, and Nri instills a strong desire to succeed.

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Nri Intermediate

The point at which our functionality always drives us to be in the right place for our career.

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Accelerating the students' minds to become smarter, logical, and attentive in order to achieve their goals.

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To satisfy the basic rule of "Education for All," we conduct free coachings every year for all students who are interested but cannot afford it. We prepare them to pass their common entrance exams for further education courses.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors have been trained to focus on the students' progress in a knowledge-based manner.


Our level of instruction results in a bundle of certificates for each and every student, for above courses.

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The schedule at Nri is very flexible for the students, and each student receives individual attention. They provide incredible study material that provides more than enough practise. NRI is unquestionably the best intermediate college in Anantapur.

The faculty at NRI is excellent and well-versed in their fields. They freely interact with us and are eager to clear our doubts. They also advise us on career paths.

NRI is a place where creativity and talent are prioritised. It is well-known for the high quality and impact of its instruction.

NRI is an excellent college. It has been an excellent faculty that has prepared and motivated its students for a brighter future. It is a student-centered institute whose sole goal is the success of its students.

Nri has a stress free and a friendly environment. I’m really glad to decided to join NRI because it’s helped me understand the subjects rather than just memorizing them and it has also helped me grow as an individual.

The college itself is built for the comfort of the students. A student would just concentrate on students when the surroundings are perfect and NRI is best at it.